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executive at setscrews last year. this i won't call to moscow earlier in georgia and other older man another overdose. only on ford new details of the georgia man reported boyfriend from the man who said the death was no accident. >> : this truly store in cerros of attempted robbery pledges of the wild west shootout. and the 15 shots >> : fall to or only one for story last night >> : nasty reputation of san francisco landmark of the king and 98 year-old tenant. >> : for large was runtime is >> : now at a we are learning more about the alleged high price prostitute who was accused of giving a bay area
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google executive a fatal overdose of drugs. tonight police in georgia are investigating a very similar incidents involving same wind. 26 year-old alex. we are hearing her voice for the first-time to as one called. first in manslaughter case she faces and santa cruz we learned that i expect reportedly searched legal defense strategy, and four are arrested. police say may be an indication of guilt. the charges against alex as to court documents destroying and concealing evidence. take a to got or take a shows christ what did not surface as a closing blinds before she left the shop. half has please sit there now reckon on the klan and think that aum comments attributed to a person just a dark side. the act she'd been motivated ... selling sex and drugs for money.
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stieglitz and the comments she made tells the character of this individual shows you the egocentric nature of who she is. shows you really are just of real dark side to her personality we know what that when we rested hurt she thought she was coming for a date with our officer. it we know when we rested her she had drugs in her possession she had a fully loaded it kneel in syringe with heroin in it. we know that she continued with this pattern of behavior even after having experienced these deaths. it's shocking to look at and to look at this information and to think somebody this successful as mr. hayes would of ended up with this person in his life. unfortunate and tragic. the new chief clark says detective soon be heading to milton georgia to compare evidence and the two cases. santa cruz police say any
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new evidence will be turned over to district attorney then will consider that weather out to be charged with second-degree murder. >> : since the story broke place in georgia reexamine the case initially wrapped up as a simple heroin overdose now wondering if maybe they missed something. police and milton for jobs call to 911 last year to report the death of her boyfriend. she says she had been drinking and using heroin. on the body of the floor of his home when a nightclub owner raising the exotic and the event end of investigators wonder if the fall play was involved. >> : looking at some lares of two situations obviously will go back and look at it. it will make sure everything we determined to be correct almost a year ago was still accurate. clearly pleasele all y that the death was in any
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way prompted by alex they say they'll announce their findings after taking another look at the evidence. new at 8 we have obtained 91 tapes from georgia case involving alex. what sound like when she called for help. >> : i think my boyfriend overdose or something he is lying on the ground. >> : are you with the patient out. >> : aren't patient now. yet some with him right now. how old. 53. as he awake. his eyes are open but no he is not awake. is he breathing? yes he's breathing on and off.
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what do you think he took an overdose? >> : that's there's nothing else it could be. accidental or intentional. i think x and demo. >> : is the wake. no. the sebring? yes adults think he will die. i don't think he will buy. >> : place your hand on his forehead other hand on his neck and >> : friends of the georgian and that i share feelings about her we talk with one of them not holding back the
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exclusive interview you see only on here. >> : lead singer of the georgia based band called the and didn't see snakes. by last summer of a heroin overdose the band made on by and says that the never touched drugs in his life and blames alex for his death. in no way shape or form any kind of use of heroin drugs anything. to know is get on me for smoking pot it's not good for you health- conscious and did he doing heroin in no way. >> : all he was delivering a monkey to him in tampa. ellen says there's something weird about her. i picked up the monkey trouble with my girlfriend to tampa. we made up with the and alex
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and allows is weird she seemed really it immature young. dean was a lot older than her and it hung out for a little while with a monkey and went into the hell bite to eat will the whole way home and my girl the result is something not right about her. will amble hold look what happened. stephan he heard of dean's death but he died of heart attack. there were probably stunned as i am. no way that guy did heroin. she made gotten drunk and goes to mop and died. >> : should i think she's twisted
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she has to be added to that. i have any conscience about it they going to months later do the same thing to another guy. so with several other friends on the internet every single one of them said the exact same thing dean liked to drink alcohol but nobody ever saw him ever use any kind of drug. >> : also tonight getting our first look about on board the summer cruise crime allegedly occurred. to do inside the boat coming up at 830 >> : other news now shoot out at a santa rosa strip mall leaves two people injured witnesses say store owner gunned down a would-be thief after an employee was shot. tonight we spoke with the store owner >> : the main concern goes out to my employee suzanne and doing fine and on a saving
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to for the community. >> : all in the story all new video from the scene >> : cell phone video of our robbery suspect and santa rosa man being held down on guns by an undercover officer and another man after he was shot. all this moments after an employee was shot inside this jewelry store after armed robbery. witnesses heard and watch some of the shootout go down. customer saw them walking and told to ashley called 911 these guys have done this. >> : something underneath them two shots fired. witnesses tell us the jewelers for under owner seen here in a blue shirt came running out of the store after two suspects attempting to make a getaway. when working in the store already shot and he opened fire. setting this would-be robber to the ground as the raw other
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drove off. dramatic act really traumatic when people come aggressively like that was no care in the world. to take something for the dollar. not caring about people's lives. a dramatic feeling it's horrible >> : the score was set before tonight though his focus is on his employee recovering in hospital. huge amount of concern forcers hoopsters and has she seen this be love you and sorry you had to go to this today and working at happy about set a clear message to fisher would be thieves. think that those suspects and not come and think they couldn't away with what date with. the answer back to feel bad for everyone i had experienced this it's horrible. for myself and not to get everybody else had
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experiences >> : a search for the second suspect suspended for suspect facing life- threatening injuries in hospital. the employee shot should be ok. >> : all lanes of highway 17 now open tonight fatal crash this morning and santa clara shut down the road wait for hours the chp says a big rig crashed after traveling north on highway 17 south of bear creek road. it lost its break jackknifed shortly before 8:00 this morning video from helicopter partnership with abc seven. chp says 11 vehicles including the big rigs involved in the crash one person died after being ejected from a vehicle seven others injured the highway was closed down for a number of hours authorities could investigate reopen shortly after 5 this evening. >> : family members get the reasons why it wants to know why and how their loved ones were killed that's our job.
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the armature of apollo's answers >> : because of the crash still under destination. >> : now being shown off on social mediacy almost made it onto flights. two families share incredible story involving the gift of life generous unusual the nation that brings the whole circle. >> : i'm not going to leave >> : what we learned about the landlord wants to kick this 98 year-old woman out of her san francisco apartment she's lived for almost 50 years mind off t ♪ 737. 737. right there? you guessed it. how do we save on operational costs? with the world's largest fleet of boeing 737's.
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of about 98 san francisco won being evicted from the apartment she has lived in
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for nearly half a century. now finding out the landlord evicting her has been doing this kind of thing for some time >> : urban reinvestment website says ed invests in multifamily commercial entitled land real estate in california. tenants rights advocates say that does not tell full story. finding control buildings slipping the edge and then there does and type of action mapping project was which tracks the number of actions in san francisco and the group's website urban green ceo david mccloskey listed among the worst of the actors. i got out least 385 units with cash or the last year along san fransico have all affected at least five different buildings. often tense or taken buyouts. the verdict eviction notices the
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store street apartment building where 98 year-old mary cells lived for half a century. i'm not going to leave as first reported wednesday phillips is refuse to go and bullfight the eviction in court. i can't believe people will be so on caring about this. i don't expect any special privilege but as i told you i am to understand from his standpoint but how want more income. it sure looked into all that before the purchase the property. for the second day in a row be contacted by phone e-mail and the parent company by phone and e-mail no response at quest to get some response to the eviction of mary phillips other veterans became back to the union street headquarters once again no luck. during the doorbell told us inside the david to cost you not not here no one else could comment we have received your e-mail.
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>> : you hear more from 98 year- old mary phillips r website + you can read the actual eviction notice. the interview yesterday picked up by news outlets all for the world piquancy @ kron4- dot-com >> : internet going nuts after the tea s.a. posted on its instagram account all of these pictures see some of things they confiscated a cleaver right here i phone looks like a swiss army knife with knives coming out of it of the fireworks a dagger appear walkie-talkie with pepper spray >> : this is bare spray some things i've never seen more fireworks right here at home dagger with knives as well. a gun that shoots pepper spray as well. it's about 6 in. long >> : what statistic office gets out of airports across the country every single day
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look at this agone beloit the knife blade knife. blake coming out of a barrel of a gun a boy coming out of a bullet crazy stuff we thought you might find interesting you certainly did encourage you to follow our instagram account. >> : new clouds from roof cam downtown san francisco you can see low clouds pushing in over the city has to take a look at similar radar picture our eye on the possibility of thunderstorms saying showers to the sierra nothing over us just yet. what could possibly impact here offshore area of low pressure i slid as thunderstorms continues to with to the north it could clip the north bay. it after midnight tonight through early tomorrow morning feature cast pinpointing the low cloud coverage tonight. see a couple areas of rain pop up mainly over the coastal waters that will continue until 7:00 hour up
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north bay, and off the san mateo coastline really the main part to the north and will end after 8:00 in the morning. will see the fog making its way back to the coast >> : to discuss and to the '70s and '80s bay area wide. 79 san jose cupertino 80 to moscow as it for inland valleys we will be at 83 in livermore 79 conquer 67 years inside the bed. and the north bay will be a tad bit warmer out there tomorrow because of fog will clear faster. 77 centavos a petaluma 76 and center fell. extended forecasts this week and a little warmer because of fog will not be as. minimal flood taro and 90 degrees >> : is too much vehicle for local police force controversy and concern over what opponents calls the tank. 99 days without
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facebook be surprised how much people are joining this movement to take a break from the social not work. coming up in the tech support >> :
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tonight might see this picture of friends profile textron facebook if you do a pretty significant means a friend taking time from the social my work. this will set 99 days of freedom pot, launch a response to face the controversial mood experiment involving 700 on willing users. they're using this movement to run a little experiment of their own. urging users all are on the globe to give up the facebook have it for 99 days no messaging of facebook at all. after 99 days completed participants as sit there at year since quitting facebook to to challenge people download
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this and use it to replace their existing profile picture and a one last post on friends the be gone for a while. once are working on the story had 1000 people committed three hours later to 4800. this campaign and just began no telling how big it will get in the coming weeks. a lot of chatter on it twitter about this a couple of tweets that we found. here it said assets of the nine days of no off as much on kuala last is the first day and she herself appeared 99 days off facebook will be hard. i also posted a story on our vest the page it really funny, since people out i can't vote him and so i go 99 days. >> : check that out for the comments we can you go 99 days without this but will you want to lock on and let
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us know >> : so random act of kindness and the bay area will show you where someone picks up the entire grocery tap for lucky group of shoppers. we find chilling social media posts from alleged call girl accused of manslaughter and the death of a google executive. a coming opt its name in lands and all offers some of the most spectacular views of the ocean. it's not for the views of its because people behaving badly >> :
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was a says that the city is trying to put them out of business protest of what they call unfair treatment sweet story survival meet the two families helping each other with organ donation and we take you on board the yacht where odd google executive lost his life allegedly at the hands of a prostitute now under arrest >> : all look at selling rate picture with some small impact coming up >> :
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alleged high-priced prostitutes facing charges an overdose death of a google executive may be and
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more trouble setscrews police say alex says what she looked on the line for legal defense strategies before her arrest the new executive on dead on his yacht. video recorded on the got pointed straight to the woman. but since moved to the secretary not we were able to track dawdle inside >> : the tiny see that he got word that you're not village the was bought in 2010 whose immense to salute to who christen thee of escape. a place to get away from his hectic life of high-tech executive. he to the area and see inside the vessel the 51 year-old married father of five found dead after allegedly being injected with a fatal dose of heroin by woman described by police as a high end up there. security cameras inside the cabin stepping over his lifeless body down
8:31 pm
and class of wind shear and window blinds. the at broker says the cameras that caught the crime installed as part of the major electronic upgrade he ordered after buying the boat carries hook up for a slick was the model on action before while traveling overseas. electronics were probably in a couple hundred thousand dollars to the boat. he took great pleasure and every aspect of overhauling something he saw the second home. he seemed to really enjoy being around the boat and an attitude changing being hands on person making the boat better. family now selling the of asking $345,000 the a broker tells me they will be disclosing to the next buyer of this was a crime scene. >> : the alleged prostitute heat has been active on social media sums of shoes putting
8:32 pm
on this book was chilling. social network shoot went by ak caddy posted pictures of herself and lingerie talk about being terrified of prison in november of 2012 she pedaled post heroin when others said this private- word start sire spiraled suffocating makes it you feel warm your heart told each day texas told box become emotionless sold feels cold. a west coast from january 2013 she says and that one life is great great boyfriends nice house loving family. does not get better year than this i don't think >> : there's this also uncovered video featuring makeup tips on facebook refers to
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herself as a makeup artist writer poet modeled. >> : lands' end area where part of the golden gate national recreation area offers spectacular views of specific ocean. but what far enough even the golden gate bridge. however yes there's a however for to be a federal park people don't have much respect for at this empty pack of camels was not stretch the circus let's dig deeper. >> : for example inside this appears look what closed encampment. all along the trails there's trash thrown all about. assignees the place to access and some places is that the slide downhill camelot and all to bring these images >> : of your jobs from this
8:34 pm
notice something that caught his attention so talk to me. apparently homeless in commence nestled inside plants in. all been homeless not be having badly leading trash and debris behind is. but the seat cushion use of the bed not to mention all used wrappers around it. also cans of food but don't appear to be open liquor bottles doesn't in. >> : nice it's part police tell me they're constantly during sweeps of the area to removing tenants. they in turn at the process starts all over again. area was supposed to be national park vandalized by people stricken camps >> : rocks pretty much anything that can be sprayed on >> : interesting part about a hike often the 300 ft. drop to the rocks below the finish by higher area across the signs that read area closed. area can be
8:35 pm
restored >> : apparently the sign has been ignored but despite people bent on destroying public land >> : >> : firefighters put out small vegetation next to los gatos golf course in san jose this morning this is the third fire near the golf course since june 30th. first lesson one alarms not smoke had air less than an acre in size. reportage for little 46 this morning fire crews had it contained by 7 no one hurt investigators looking for the cause >> : people for more than 70 different marijuana collectives protests since not been for us and jose city hall today fighting against what they say city's plan to shut them down san jose passed new regulations which will require all medicinal marijuana products sold in san jose stores to be made on site. law goes into effect starting july
8:36 pm
the 18th. protesters say the new rule is not fair and put thousands of people out of business >> : the way language is written all will shutdown on july 18th. the ones that will be complied after that may reopen in different zones or if they're growing cultivating their own medicine basically like trying to file somebody no longer conceive cvs to get and a half ago and called it the wrong medicine >> : given about sure for free medical marijuana about tuition close to qualifying will receive a free cannabis card. missed restructure the spent hundreds of dollars to the buy groceries for them. >> : and on dialysis for two and a half years >> : actually prove what goes around comes around
8:37 pm
emotional physical connection shared by two families bonded by organ donation gigantic new police vehicle has become a source of controversy along the peninsula >> : take a look at satellite radar picture that we do have thunderstorms along bay area will that hit though answer coming up a couple minutes >> :
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8:39 pm
once a place to park then added a new vehicle to its fleet however when you see may it may surprise you reporting bids throwing up a lot of controversy. >> : 40 in. tires the speed of 60 and intimidating frame to sinhalese redwood city police department's new vehicle looks like something
8:40 pm
right off the battlefield. it comes from a military decommissioned plant for the vehicle rescue vehicle and both emergency or rescue other citizens. redwood city or an $750,000 however was to please tell me there were able to obtain it for free from the federal government.its 60,000 house 11 ft. tall yes fully bulletproof all air around it and take our rocket strike. please pardon tells me they will use his vehicle an extreme emergency situation like an active shooter they say its insurance policy however some people feel too much >> : about redwood city needed to end >> : polydorus call of the base peninsula justice center truly troubled by the department's new rv. when you get new equipment like this to become our main set of templates for us i think
8:41 pm
it starts to separation between police and the citizens >> : military weapon used for fighting wars no place and civilian environment. the reaction we understand and anticipated >> : the reasonable reaction is else area vehicle were now using for civilian police force and given at the price it is nothing to the department but future maintenance and a critical nature of the world these days we like the idea of having the ability to have armored vehicle >> : in the check with the police department could not tell me how much the and norman is on the vehicle would cost they did tell me that there still needs be some retrofitting done to the vehicle however they say if needed they can take it out right now >> : skies and a cloud up over san francisco local awesome thing and not only concern right now do of
8:42 pm
thunderstorms and the bay area mainly over this year as part of the monsoon moisture will also have an area of low pressure offshore that's having a few isolated thunderstorms of the stars to lift the north could clip the north bay. tonight into early tomorrow future test shows a low cloud coverage tomorrow morning what of it in the north face bay sully's returns popping up on the computer model of the coastal waters. the move until the 7:00 and are getting closer to the north a real threat is larger to the north and will end after 8:00 we will have sunny skies letter and the morning and the afternoon mr. the see the fog moved back to the cosigned by three in-line temperatures to mornings of these eighties bay area wind >> : hit 78 milpitas paulo all tout 79 cupertino 84 norman valley also in the 70's 80's there these bay 79 in danville 81 the creek 72 and vallejo and castro valley of to a north little bit warmer tomorrow because fog will
8:43 pm
clear little bit sooner 79 nappa 75 cerros of >> : us fought to the weakened as well warm conditions by sunday monday getting back to that 90 degrees away from the coast we had to next week's things started gradually cool back down still staying toasty a month ago. heart of gold surprise mystery shopper unleashed at 1 east bay grocery store wait till you see that story in sports what is coaching this new team of than the somber and be a summer league 34 yes from the giants in garry has highlights coming up next >> : sports not live giants dollars on trying to get right all a's take honors all-star break with former major-league all-star but all-star break with former major-league all-star but roberts hey there. did you select these things on purpose? not a color found nature. there's nothing wrong with tha.
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i can hear your arteries clogging. ok. no. this is tap water. i can't let you buy this. oh. crystal geyser please. crystal geyser. bottled at the mountain source.
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surprise!lcome back. crystal geyser alpine spring water. crystal geyser. crystal geyser. news flash, it's bottled at the source. news flash, we sell it in cases. oh. thank you. oh no no no. crystal geyser. bottled right at the mountain source. , as the concord happen tuesday at the russian allies on will pass road a man came and and ask to speak with the manager the manager's approval waiting for customer's purchase to be rung up padded cashier the money. >> : he said now i have it and handed a cashier cash. i asked him why and said why not. what an hour later i had got here at of a little
8:46 pm
green men to believe that when so many families are struggling to decline what families that come this far specially treated mr. good samaritan pay for items about half a dozen customers spending $600 >> : the a's keep growing giants last night look like much when i beat the athletics all this mess getting back in good graces of a little charity batting practice today good for all of them then you watch once to be a home plate umpire adrian johnson got smacked hung in there for three innings left the game and so forth be all colors role in the majority of the contest into athletics. bottom five scott has merit could start the all-star game and the frost
8:47 pm
kron gentry held san here has pierced by seven and three hits and will model or ron struck out nine. to the sixth inning that shots and a new play by still be in the home-run derby monday night start a third in all- star game warm up today with a two run homer hudson 5 1/396 run. he has been rough the last five outings as tim hudson about one more time 61 a is take three and four for the giants out scoring 17 to 2 and the three winds. we will let you weigh in on this that a is looking so strong defense struggling decent a's will become more popular as and maintain that baseball's best record if join the discussion on kron facebook page. >> : a sponsor you have a highlight bradlee jr.
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alexa's pursue of perfection great catch jackie bradley jr. of the boston red sox also it again was sixth lexus pursuit of perfection. speaking of that sunday night 9:00 kron 4 you don't have to watch any of these events and draw on 9:00 sunday night kron 4. >> : grant release test work now. it think it's getting nervous now now you will have to really work. it is working out a lot already. one of the hardest workers watching now instead of just pam how are you will be pam how are you. good for him for a good young man.
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new lines steve kerr >> : first coaching job first game picture of summer league very rarely see a head coach on the sidelines of one of these games for rookies and younger players but he wants to get in the groove. he is in las vegas coach in tomorrow where is summer league deal. it helps get rolled sidelines see the game from the perspective tomorrow will be on see the guys will be playing in front of a couple thousand people feels more like a real thing. >> : with ron james keeping to the best and watch what espn that what was in sports have on all day long all the talk about. about 45 minutes on
8:50 pm
this here is the cleveland t-shirts forgiveness there ought. john furnivall braun james summer home in cleveland although he played in miami he kept the place in cleveland still nothing from pin everybody else is talking not withdrawn you wonder could he drag these dams not a word or a hundred percent about the fans but that caught some compassion for the people that live and die with you and the point the might >> : they asked 22 predict he actually shows will braun staying with miami. >> : before we get out of here. of an nba titles planned of 30 and he has to wait for carmelo anthony no titles to get back to him and make this is funny a couple your
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plot will happen and medical science and francisco tells us that it is a way for one family to the bank and other family for giving them the special gift of life. giving life back. against the cannon friends for for 10 years for should trade tree brought them together a
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bill son caleb died in 2004 and eight tv ads and when he was 20 years old. the family made the choice than to donate his organs. let the nation that brought the family together. the it son jake received the pancreas helping him with his diabetes. now 28 about to get married and just thankful for the donated organ emotional. but of the words to come up. bill are sick with diabetes on dialysis for two and a half years. the last six months getting sick. he needs new kidneys was a question for janice she will donate hearse to build. turned out
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she was a perfect match and never hesitated to save his life. >> : given the gift of life comes full circle for lee's friends >> : than half the donate to me and that's why we're so grateful i'm grateful. >> : the transplant donation will happen on friday afternoon all families fill in parts of the surgery will be successful. >> : a story that certainly brings tears to your eyes. isn't it amazing that's it for us at 8:00 this for being with us to be back at 11 in and stand touch at kron4-dot-com
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